QAnon Post Questioned & How to use board unfollowspy and more

QAnon 8Chan How To use tools and Tricks

In this QAnon Update I go over the latest on also giving a  “How To Follow” Q yourself Primer.  I am introducing  a few other helpful tools to help you spread the Qanon Narrative.


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4 thoughts on “QAnon Post Questioned & How to use board unfollowspy and more”

  1. Was using Flight Radar 24 today (Sunday) tracking ‘blocked aircraft’. Saw some interesting things
    and wondered if anyone had an interest, or could answer questions.

  2. Hi Will,
    I have the link to the posts you gave us:

    I do not understand the latest article you have up.
    It does not seem to reflect the Q Posts.
    Please ask the people writing to realize they have
    to be teachers as well. I am not impressed with all
    those who want me to see how smart they are!
    That is part of why we are where we are.
    Muddy water.
    Where can I get a drink (water)? 🙂
    I cannot get caught up in the crisis addiction.
    So where is the wisdom to help simple people
    such as myself see what they are seeing.
    Do they really want us to see, or are they just
    catching the wave?

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