Steemit is back! New User Signups Are Exploding And SMT Is Just Around The Corner has Biggest New User sign up day ever!

Steemit new user signups are at a all time high as far as I can tell the biggest day ever November 11 2017. has Biggest New User sign up day ever! has Biggest New User sign up day ever!

Thats right the developers seem to have fixed any problems with the new user signups and users are flooding to the platform to get a piece of the rewards that this amazing social network is offering to those that would like to leave the control and energy and profit taking that Facebook represents.

If you have been waiting to get on steemit now is the time get in now be an early adapter before the masses catch on.

Below are the charts that represent the months before the signup problems began, unit the 11th of November.  Keeping in mind that the registration process has always been a choke point in the growth process of Steemit.  I think today is big day look for STEEM SBD and the new SMT to take off in value and circulation in the near future. Remember that is representing a blockchain technology which now has more transactions per day that Bitcoin!

steemitstats 8-10-2017
steemitstats 8-10-2017
This chart in August reflecting the best day at 1300 new users and 2278 active users.
steemitstats 9-10-2017
steemitstats 9-10-2017
September reflecting a similar pattern with maximum new users at 1887 and active users at 2052.
steemitstats 10-10-2017
steemitstats 10-10-2017
October still rolling along with similar numbers topping out on 9th with 1772 new users and 1598 active users on the 18th of September. has Biggest New User sign up day ever! has Biggest New User sign up day ever!
So to review end of October from the 28th until the 9th of November there is obviously a problem with the signups. Then on 11-10-2017 biggest day ever with 3706 new users.  Perhaps this just representative of backlog getting approved or a real trend that was held back by a lack luster registration process.  We shall see, 11th is not as many but its not clear to me if this chart representative of full day on the 11th.


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