Qanon avalible on Alexa Echo?

Hello anons of Q anon on 8 chan, proudly serving at the pleasure of the POTUS. This site will soon be providing an Alexa “News Flash” with qanon post updates and notable post review. 

The Alexa skill has been submitted for review and is titled qanon q research look for it in the skills section of alexa and add it to your morning news brief! 

I’m working out the details of the rss feed to include audio and video for those using alexa app on devices with screen.

Please provide any feedback here on the blog post comments section.

Things are moving faster and faster in the Q world and this service should make the Q information avalible to a new audience as currently there are no news sources on the alexa service for the Q information disimintation program.

Have a great day and look for updates here any questions leave at bottom of this post.

Feed for ahijackedlife can be found at



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#QAnon #Update #AURA #Sunspot #Observatory Reopens & #DeepState #Unmasked by #Project #Veritas

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by #YouTuber #willpowerQAnonPatriot

1) #8chan #QPosts #Notables
2) #Aura #SunspotObservatory Reopens **UPDATE** ABC News reporting Observatory shut down due to janitor child porn on laptop!

3) #DeepStateExposed #DeepStateUnmasked by #ProjectVeritas

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#Today in my
by #YouTuber #willpowerQAnonPatriot

1 #8chan #QPosts #Notables
2 #Aura #SunspotObservatory Reopens
3 #DeepStateExposed #DeepStateUnmasked by #ProjectVeritas 
@enki74 ty @RealDonalTrump #MAGA


YouTube,video,QAnon, 8chan ,post ,update ,march ,22 ,2018


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#Today #YouTubeVideo
#QAnon #UPDATE #YouTuber #willpowerQAnonPatriot #8chan #QPosts #Notables #Aura #SunspotObservatory #Reopens #DeepStateExposed #DeepStateUnmasked #ProjectVeritas









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QAnon 8chan post update march 22 2018 PLZ ReSUBSCRIBE YOUTUBE edition

YouTube,video,QAnon, 8chan ,post ,update ,march ,22 ,2018
YouTube,video,QAnon, 8chan ,post ,update ,march ,22 ,2018


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QAnon Update (Im Back!)

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QAnon 8chan Post Update + Notable Post Cambridge Analytica, Zucked, McCabe will be first to be indicted?

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Blocked Plane 8chan talks about fr24 showing plane headed New England Miami in Florida

Blocked Plane is usually military however the list is long in the USA of planes that will be blocked with ADS-B. One type of plane that may be blocked is Dornier Do 228 

Rmember to check this link for latest Qanon Updates

Dornier_Do-28E_TNT,_Dornier_AN1983766 By Steve Fitzgerald – Gallery page, GFDL 1.2,


8chan blocked plane fr24 new england miami florida
8chan blocked plane fr24 new england miami florida


 8chan, blocked plane, fr24, new england, miami, florida

blocked plane,
new england,



Countries around the world are implementing a more accurate way of tracking aircraft. Called Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B), the technology will eventually replace radar as the primary surveillance method for Air Traffic Control (ATC) monitoring and separation of aircraft worldwide.   

Dornier Do 228

The Dornier Do 228 is a twin-turboprop STOL utility aircraft, manufactured by Dornier GmbH (later DASA Dornier, Fairchild-Dornier) from 1981 until 1998. In 1983Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) bought a production licence and manufactured 125 aircraft. In OberpfaffenhofenGermany, 245 were built, and 125 in Kanpur, India. In July 2017, 63 aircraft were in airline service. 

The Long List of Blocked Planes 

N888TY got blocked. Owned by the owner of the Ty toy company (makers of Beanie Babies, etc.) BLOCKED Aircraft Plane List. or No ADS-B Archived Play-Back being saved.

NCG flights (Netherlands Coast Guard) – Blocked Aircraft List
PH-CGC – ModeS: 484646 – Dornier 228-212 –
PH-CGN – ModeS: 484607 – Dornier 228-212 –

Qatar Air Force – Blocked Aircraft List
A7-HJJ – ModeS: 06A01C – A-330 with ADS-B but blocked on FR24 –
A7-HHH – ModeS: 06A021 – A-340 with ADS-B but blocked on FR24 –
A7-HHK – ModeS: 06A001 – A-340 with ADS-B but blocked on FR24 –…iri-flight-qaf

N767A – (Saudi Royal family)
N734A –
N735A –
N736A –

NASCAR Race Teams Aircraft Plane Blocked List:
N400DH – Joe Gibbs racing –
N1RH – Hendrick Motorsports –
N500RH – Hendrick Motorsports –

N108MS – YONA Aviation II –
N10FE – FedEx Corporate Aviation –
N110EX – Reed Point Ranch Llc –
N112MY – MP Air –
N123FU – Crossfit Aviation Group –
N143WW – Lauren2go Inc –
N14FX – N14FX Trust –
N14NA – Anschutz Corp –
N166FB – Emergo Finance Inc –
N16FX – N16FX Trust –
N1757 – Google Jet –
N1818S – Stephens Investments Holdings Llc-
N1836S – Stephens Investments Holdings Llc –
N1TS – First Virtual Air II LLC –
N229DK – Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Trustee –
N22T – Aplomado –
N265H – CNL Group Services II Llc –
N27HK – Aircraft Guaranty Trust LLC –
N286MJ – Bank of Utah Trustee –
N302AK – Bombardier Aerospace –
N302KC – Kroger Co. –
N311JA – EHC Holdings Llc –
N318AG – Wilmington Trust Co Trustee –
N329CF – N329CF LLC –
N351AJ – Velox Aircraft –
N360 – Friedman Fleischer & Lowe LLc –
N371HA – Hamilton Aviation –
N373DN – American Equity Investment Property LLc –
N37WX – Falcon Leasing of South Florida Llc –
N383LS – LAS Vegas Sands Corp –
N400ES – Disney Aviation Group (Earth Star Inc) –
N417C – Wing And A Prayer Inc –
N44SF – Bombardier Aerospace –
N451FP – Wasek Donald E –
N48CG – Corning Inc –
N50FF – Maltese Journeys LLc –
N50LB – Wilmington Trust Co Trustee –
N540BA – Boeing Executive Flight Operation –
N542BA – Boeing Executive Flight Operations –
N549BA – Boeing Executive Flight Operation –
N54J – W W Grainger –
N57MK – Klein Tools Inc –
N586ED – N586ED LLC –
N604EM – Aero Law Group Plc –
N625TF – Zuffa/Ultimate Fighting Championship –
N639TC – Mustang 51 LLC –
N660AF – Island Management Services –
N67WG – Wingate Aviation Enterprises –
N698RS – Republic Services (Ariana Llc) –
N703VZ – Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc –
N733M – Japc Inc/Humana Inc –
N770BB – Yucaipa Companies –
N770LE – EJ Leasing –
N7PS – Innovation First Transportation –
N800KS – AEJ Services Llc –
N804MS – Las Vegas Sands/Interface Operations –
N825SA – Sierra Aviation –
N827CT – Comstock Asset Management Llc –
N82HD – Homerlease Co –
N82MF – Speedero LLC –
N836BA – Boeing Company –
N843G – American Aviation –
N845UP – Union Pacific Railroad Corp –
N859AG – Red Line Air –
N86NP – Nationwide Mutual Insurance –
N8767 – Avjet Corp –
N885B – Wilmington Trust Co Trustee –
N901MM – Usonia Ventures Llc –
N901SB – SBC Aviation Holdings Inc –
N901TF – Tyson Foods Inc –
N902MP – MP Air –
N902SB – Falcon 2000EX 101 LLC –
N918JM – 999 Aviation –
N918TA – Wilmington Trust Co Trustee –
N920DS – Delaware Global Operation Llc –
N929MM – Desert Rain Aviation Inc –
N970SF – WFBN (Wells Fargo Bank Northwest) –
N980GG – Lucky Fives Llc –
N988H – Honeywell International Inc –
VP-BSO – Shell Oil Company –



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