United we stand 8Chan Army serving at the pleasure of POTUS

Who cares about IHeartAwards? UnitedWeStand 8chan ArmyV

Wednesday was a training exercise for the 8Chan Army. Everything about the Fake News Awards, from the word “go,” was a warm-up exercise for the 8Chan Army (us). It had no other purpose. We are why Q (a team) was created. We are the ones connecting POTUS to a slumbering, DREAMING population.

The real battle was tonight. “Release the memo.”

Unite them.


Who cares about IHeartAwards? UnitedWeStand 8chan ArmyV
Who cares about IHeartAwards? UnitedWeStand 8chan Army

What we did on Thursday night dwarfed our Wednesday efforts.

We were called on to stampede the herd.

You are living through the most dramatic shift of power in the history of the planet.

Remember Trump’s dinner with the generals on October 5. “You guys known what this represents? Maybe this is the calm before the storm.” What is the storm? No reply. No further information. What is the storm?

The memo.

It’s the opening shot. The shot heard round the world.

Trump timed the Fake News Awards for the 17th because we had to be warmed up for what was to come 24 hours later. He knew long ago that it was shutdown day – Q has been referring to a shutdown for months. Trump knew that on 1/18 the 8Chan Army would be doing what we were doing last night.

The world you knew is gone. You’ve been force fed the red pill. Like it or not, it’s time to wake up from the dream and take your first steps into reality – as it’s truly existed all along. The transition will be fast, but still kept to a manageable pace. Your life will not crumble around you. But it will change into something you never imagined it could be.

2018 will rapidly become the best year in history.

“The Storm” has begun.

“The Memo” that will bring Trump’s Presidency down!???



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1 thought on “United we stand 8Chan Army serving at the pleasure of POTUS”

  1. Hi Will,
    Someone is f*cking with the Q posts at “https://8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html”.
    If these posts are real, they don’t belong to the board who is allowing them to be displayed;
    they are part of history and those guys who are so brilliant ought to keep their sticky fingers
    OFF OF THEM! The board will get credit for them in the end, only if they protect them and not
    let anyone add or subtract them. Of course, most people really don’t give a damn about most
    things these days. It would be a shame if they have been tampered with.

    I hope I am wrong. I would LOVE TO BE WRONG! But there are some real clowns out there who
    are claiming to be Q and are coming up with posts that are not listed on the link mentioned above.

    Please straighten me out about this.

    I have another question: Is Reddit running the boards? Does Reddit have a relationship with 8chan?
    If that is the case, the CEO of Reddit (I do not recall his name, but his initials are on one of Q’s posts)
    is right there along with ES and JB, etc. Is Reddit and 8chan parts of the same entity?

    Thanks and take care,

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